Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mandatory Election Day Post!

Please vote today! I'm sure most of you already have - and I'm glad to see/hear it. Remember that if you are in line to vote when the polls close, you will still be able to vote.

I won't tell you which way to vote. This country is great because we can set our agendas, choose who want and power, and transition power peacefully. It's truly amazing and none of us should ever forget it. These days there are plenty of media sources and people who try and drive a wedge between us. You can't really blame them - it's how they sell their news. 
If you want a basic example: Suppose a storm is coming into town. Which headline/catch would get you?
·        Big Storm coming into town tonight!
·        Worst storm in years coming into town – your home and life could be at risk. Up-to-the-minute reporting on the danger!

It's this fear marketing that coats all of the political news these days. The only way to stop this is to regulate the media, which I think is a terrible idea, (See also: The first amendment) or to consume the political stories without the spin and rancor. I'm hoping this blog can be used to "un-spin" some news articles when I get the time.

So vote today, and do it with understanding and speaking your voice for how you want this country to be run. Don't vote out of fear, or rhetoric.

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