Friday, April 15, 2011

The Forgotten Man?

Great painting, interesting comments. I think that the author makes some good points...most of which I disagree with entirely. I'm certain Return to Locke will like it more!

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  1. If it was possible to give a painting a standing ovation I would have. Pure brilliance!! Very powerful painting in its own right and then the commentary that goes along with it is "dead on balls accurate" (line from one of my favorite movies My Cousin Vinnie).

    I think I want to have this commissioned for my office at work.

    Dose of Sanity may disagree with it entirely, but even he will one day wake up and say "where is the America I grew up in?" It will just take the left alot longer to realize a socialist utopia is just a dream, dreamed up by Authoritarians in sheep's clothing peddling hope and change.