Tuesday, January 25, 2011

First Point-Counterpoint Post AND Live Updates for SOTU!!

That's right, Spin-free Rambling's first point counterpoint post will happen tonight during the President's State of the Union address. Stay tuned! (Note: This website will not update automatically. Please remember to fresh every few minutes. Thank you!)

[Update: Archived updates after the jump]

Live Updates:

Updates on Ryan's response speech:

Return to Locke [9:29pm]: Nice. Yes. Please hammer home the national defecit. Explain to Americans what it means for them if we keep going down the same road.

Return to Locke [9:27pm]: Nice Ryan. Quote the Bible. I like!!
Dose of Sanity [9:28pm]: Same old, same old. Don't embarrass WI!

That's a wrap. Final thoughts to come.

Return to Locke [9:15pm]: Come on Ryan. Point out the glaring holes in Obama's speech. Please hammer home the fact that this country can't afford Obamacare. It will simply bankrupt us.

Return to Locke [9:12pm]: Maybe we should just all open a paper store in Scranton Pennsylvania

Dose of Sanity [9:10pm]: He's going to cry. Control yourself man!
Return to Locke [9:11pm]: We can make it if we try. But if you get too rich we will do our best to make sure we drain you of every extra cent you have.

Dose of Sanity [9:07pm]: Haha, yay for DADT. Interesting calls for ROTC on college campuses.

Dose of Sanity [9:05pm]: Interesting foreign policy line here. Writ of a dictator? Err, we kinda supported him.
Return to Locke [9:06pm]: China didn't like the line about South Korea

Dose of Sanity [9:01pm]: I like START. More talk of that.
Return to Locke [9:02pm]: OK Obama. That I can support. Bring our boys home!!!! Don't stop there. Do we really need an airbase in Germany?

Dose of Sanity [9:00pm]: "American Muslims are part of our American family". Despite everything, this is probably my favorite quote of the night.

Dose of Sanity [8:55pm]: Loving most of this. Tax disclosures, agency reductions, investments. But then the line about earmarks? Don't jump on that bandwagon Obama - ALL bills have earmarks.
Return to Locke [8:56pm]: I have to admit I like the specific budget cuts Obama is going into tonight. However, I just don't feel it will matter since he is unwilling to move on Obamacare. That alone will dwarf any budget cuts he is cutting.

Dose of Sanity [8:52pm]: Fast posts now - we're getting into some really good stuff!
Return to Locke [8:52pm]: Then he goes right back to hammering on the people that create jobs and pay more than 90% of the federal income tax. Atlas just shrugged.

Dose of Sanity [8:52pm]: I have to say, I'm mightily impressed. This is amazing.
Return to Locke [8:52pm]: Wow I just had a minor heart attack. We need tort reform.

Dose of Sanity [8:47pm]: Fix what needs fixing, and let's move forward. One could only hope. Also, thank god for rationality. What? Deficit talk too!? I love it. Freeze? I can support it - cold silence in the congress though!
Return to Locke [8:48pm]: He touts the largest entitlement in the history of the US and then goes on to talk about national debt...

Dose of Sanity [8:44pm]: Business and Economy coming down the pipe now. Logical discussion on regulation and tax. I like it.
Return to Locke [8:44pm]: Now we are talking. The entire speech should have been on these topics. The Corp. tax rate system has been in need of adjustment for years.

Dose of Sanity [8:40pm]: Attacking lawyers - bad. Simplify the tax code!? Good! Yes please!!
Return to Locke [8:41pm]: Is this really Obama's plan to overcome a staggered economy and an economy crushing debt?

Dose of Sanity [8:38pm]: Not high-speed rail again. It's a sore spot for Wisconsin.

Dose of Sanity [8:37pm]: Aw, that was cool to see that lady be so excited and mouth "That's me" when the President mentioned her. I'm glad to hear him take on illegal immigration. Yes - BE BOLD! Goosebumps for that ambition.
Return to Locke [8:37pm]: This speech has been complete garbage. Still not one point of substance.

Dose of Sanity [8:35pm]: Tuition tax credits. Yay!
Return to Locke [8:36pm]: Children. Become a community organizer. You will one day become President!!

Dose of Sanity [8:32pm]: There we go. Get rid of no-child-left-behind. It's awful. First big substance change, and it's one I was hoping for in particular.
Return to Locke [8:33pm]: Yes. Please do dump more money down that rabbit hole. Our federal government has done so well in that department thus far......

Dose of Sanity [8:30pm]: Family values again. Not bad, but not what I'm looking for.
Return to Locke [8:31pm]: Our nation stands at the brink of one of the worst economic collapses of recent history and I don't think he has said one thing of substance in half an hour.

Dose of Sanity [8:24pm]: Nice, there is a buildup I was hoping for. Take it from the broad to the specific. Good push on investment/innovation. Good historical precedent. Sputnik moment t-shirts anyone?
Return to Locke [8:26pm]: President Obama just stressed the importance of cutting the federal budget and then proceeds to spend the next few minutes talking about investing in "green energy". He doesn't get it.

Dose of Sanity [8:19pm]: I hate the campaign speech crap. Don't speak down to us. You should have explained what you have done for the country without this "I know a guy" stuff.
Return to Locke [8:18pm]: He's lying faster than I can type.

Dose of Sanity [8:16pm]: Good buildup Obama, hit the past accomplishments, and move on to specific proposals. Do it!
Return to Locke [8:16pm]: Do we Obama? I don't think we do share the same hopes and dreams. I don't think that you agree with what my dreams for America are. If you did, you wouldn't be systematically destroying the economic engine of this great nation. Words are words. Your actions have spoken louder.

Dose of Sanity [8:14pm]: I am liking the sentiment here, though I'm ashamed we need to take the time to actually say that. Also, someone poke Biden with a stick. He's falling asleep.

Dose of Sanity [8:11pm]: Oh the clapping.
Return to Locke [8:12pm]: I am really glad that fox news just gave me a rundown of what the President wore to last year's SOTU and how this year he changed the tie color to project a message. That was a piece of vital information and deep insight......

Dose of Sanity [8:06pm]: Yay, go time.
Return to Locke [8:05pm]:

Dose of Sanity [8:03pm]: Ah politics and seating charts. High school anyone?
Return to Locke [8:05pm]: I wonder if they brought corsages.

Dose of Sanity [8:00pm]: Welcome Everyone! I'm very excited for this post!
Return to Locke [8:00pm]: Looking forward to hope and change.

Dose of Sanity: Watching on CBS.
Return to Locke: Watching on Fox News


  1. This is kind of like the time when they had Maddow and Buchanan tweeting during the SOTU. That was violent, though.

  2. Can you both settle on John Kerry being really ugly?