Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Gingrich thinks the Environment is a problem

According to an interview with the AP, Newt wants to replace the EPA. Don't worry about the environment though, we'll protect it with the new Environmental Solutions Agency. Aside from changing the middle letter (clearly, s is superior to p), I'm worried that Newt thinks the Environment is a problem that needs to be solved.

His idea to "promote" business is absolutely ridiculous. Business will always have an incentive to do things the cheapest way possible, which may result in damage to the environment. If he truly wants his ESA to protect the environment, it will have to work against "business". If he wants to promote governmental efficiency, why tear down an agency and replace it with an almost identical agency? If you want them to focus more on research, ask the executive branch (who creates the EPA, by the way Newt) to change the mission.

This interview has so much spin, I think I feel dizzy. I'm going to go lay down...

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  1. Sadly, your conservative counterpart has to agree with you on this one. What exactly is Newt proposing to change here? I mean substantively?

    Come on Newt, don't play down to our side's lowest common denominator. He is clearly trying to play to his midwestern audience in Iowa who have to struggle with EPA regulations on a daily basis running their farms.

    I know my farm family aren't the biggest fans of the EPA. But at least this conservative has the sense to know that the EPA is a necessary evil.

    Like you said Matt, the solution to realing in an out of control EPA is to have the President do it through executive order or by replacing the current president in the next election. I personally choose option #2........