Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Romney's Most Valuable Player: Gingrich?

As many political pundits are predicting, tonight's primaries may cause Newt to drop out of the race. Romney supporters should be very alarmed. So far, there has been a strong, strong anti-Romney coalition - which has split its vote nearly evenly between Santorum and Newt. This has allowed Romney to win, very narrowly, in places like Ohio and Michigan. Should the vote coalesce behind a candidate (if one were to drop out), Romney would be in for a much more challenging fight.

So, Romney's MVP is Gingrich. Romney and his SuperPac, should be lobbying heavily for Newt to stay in the race. I'd go so far as making serious offers to Gingrich to get the VP nod.

Looking at the poll numbers, they need to hope this MVP doesn't hit the showers too soon.

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