Monday, March 12, 2012

What's up next?

I've caught the blogging big again. Obviously this is a big year for national politics, but on a more local level we are about to have a recall election against our Governor, Scott Walker. I signed the petition (and explained why). I'll be sure to post more often as Wisconsin Politics heat up.

This week though, I think my first major post back will be to explain my position on when the U.S. should intervene abroad, and when they shouldn't. Return to Locke has been harping on me to pin down my position, and it would be good for me to try and articulate it.

Stay tuned, please!


  1. You mean you have a philosophical underpinning to your all across the board interventionist foreign policy views? Hard to believe ;)

  2. I hope I do, I'll have to find out. :)